Law Enforcement

Staffing analysisPatrol scheduling and deploymentCommunity policingManagement studiesRegionalization and consolidation feasibilityContract compliance auditsOvertime auditsProjections and growth impacts

Fire & EMS

Master and strategic plansStation location planningStaffing analysisScheduling and deploymentStandard of coverageRegionalization and consolidation feasibility
Management studiesContract compliance audits

Emergency Communications

Staffing analysisOperations analysisConsolidation feasibilityImplementation assistance


Operational analysisStaffing analysisNeeds assessments and master plansCommunity corrections and detention system alternatives


Full cost allocation plansSuper Circular compliant cost allocation plans and indirect cost rates
Cost of servicesUser feesDevelopment impact fees / Nexus StudiesBillable/hourly rates

Parks & Recreation

Master and strategic planningStaffing and program analysisCustomer servicePark condition assessments

Public Works & Utilities

Organizational assessments – roads, fleets, facilities, parks, water, and wastewaterStaffing analysisInfrastructure assessmentsPreventive maintenance needsFleet management
Engineering analysisAsset and maintenance management


Organizational assessments – Administration, City Clerk, Finance, Human Resources, and ProcurementStaffing analysisPerformance managementShared servicesCompliance auditsInformation technologyProcess improvementStrategic planning


Program assessment and operational analysisFleet replacement planningFleet size and compositionFleet maintenanceContract feasibility analysis and compliance audits
Technology and management reporting

City / County / State

CITY and COUNTY: Organizational assessmentsStrategic planningStaffing analysis
Management analysisCustomer serviceShared services
STATE: Administrative servicesOrganizational and staffing analysis

Higher Education

Administrative servicesCampus securityOrganizational and staffing analysis
University-city shared and contract services

Community Development

Permit streamliningOrganizational assessments and staffing studies (Planning, Building, Code Enforcement)Permitting software decisionsCustomer serviceService level standards