Parks & Recreation

With experience encompassing over 150 studies of parks and recreation agencies across the country, Matrix consultants provide comprehensive analysis of staffing and programs, master and strategic planning, customer service, and park condition assessments, among other types of studies.

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Master and strategic planning

As communities, technologies and demographics are continually changing, it is necessary for parks and recreational services to change to meet the evolving needs by strategically planning for the future

Vibrant communities deserve well-managed parks and recreational services that are adaptive to their environments, and are able to continually change to meet the needs of their residents. Strategic planning is a valuable tool in providing structure to change, and the Matrix Consulting Group can provide guidance and recommendations in developing vision, missions, goals and objectives through formal analyses of internal and external environments in order to meet the changing demands of constituents.

Case Study: Ashland, OR

Staffing and program analysis

The determination of adequate staffing levels is a function of service levels and skill sets, as well as an assessment of potential alternative methods of service provision

As a community’s infrastructure and programs change, staffing levels need to change in order to continue to provide the same service levels. Technology can play a part in limiting the needs for additional staff as programs and infrastructure are added, however even the implementation of new systems can themselves require changes in staffing levels. The Matrix Consulting Group understands the dynamics of the connectivity between adequate staffing, technology, changing skill sets of staff, planning and scheduling work, and the programs provided to communities.

Case Study: Elmhurst, IL

Customer service

Well-managed parks and recreational organizations understand that providing their customers with excellent levels of service is as important as the parks and programs that they provide

Providing excellent customer service requires many skill sets, such as listening, understanding, responding and, of course, treating the customer with respect. However, it also entails many elements that customers may never see, such as the administrative, financial, and information systems that support the parks and recreational staff members who interact with customers.

The Matrix Consulting Group has vast experience working with our clients to enhance the experience of customers in their interactions with communities’ parks and recreation organizations.

Park condition assessments

Park maintenance departments should routinely assess the conditions of park assets against objective criteria

The condition of a community’s parks typically provides residents and visitors with initial impressions of its overall service delivery abilities. Communities should define service levels for parks and continually assess performance in meeting standards for maintenance and overall appearance.

The Matrix Consulting Group performs park condition assessments as a routine part of our management studies of park maintenance assessments, utilizing objective criteria to rate parks conditions on the same scale.

Case Study: Grand Rapids, MI